Tuesday, December 6, 2011

JJ's Caterpillar Years..

 "Remember, just like a butterfly, Kids too will spread their wings and fly some day. Enjoy their caterpillar years" (by Michael Mitchell)

My boy turned 8 last week, and to tell you the truth I don't know what was more scary to me:
 1. The fact that he is growing so fast OR  2. The fact that I'm getting older.... 
Either way he went from a tiny baby in my arms to an 8 year old in a blink of an eye. Fast.. VERY fast. 

So since this was a very special birthday I throw him a very special birthday. The day started with his favorite breakfast, and a scavenger hunt that took him to the keys of his ninja chest.. (Dad's Idea) 

He had to go all over the house looking for clues. When he finally found the key all his presents where inside his ninja chest..  He had a blast the whole time so I think we started a new tradition.. 

And then it was the party.. and this one was a fun one to plan. 

Everyone got a headband and a black belt, after that the Sensei aka  The Hubby took the kids down for some marshmallow training. They each build their own marshmallow gun and got to practice some shooting at my walls  balloons that we had set up for them.... 

And what Ninja party is good with out candy sushi? Thanks to a friend of mine that showed me the ways of the sushi, I was able to make sushi and wasabi for the kids to snack on! The sushi is rice krispy treats and roll ups and the wasabi was buttermilk frosting, Pretty cool...

We ate, got shoot at, but most importantly we had a BLAST!! The kids left my house with a belly full of candy and a happy face, And that my friends takes some ninja skills ;)
 Although it took 2 weeks to plan the party, 2 days to put it together but only seconds to have a house full of marshmallows,  I can truly tell you that I am enjoying my kids caterpillar years, and I hope they are enjoying their time with me.