Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Favorite Place..

I always thought of myself as a big city girl. Buildings and busy people walking down the street didn't bother me, lots of things to do, better opportunities to make new friends and of course... tons of SHOPPING!! That's why San Antonio was high up in my list of favorite places.
So when I was told we were moving to Fort Drum NY, I was in shock, and it didn't help that my husband was in shock with me. And then the comments " So and so said it was hell on earth", " I heard you only have one month of summer and it rains all the time" I lock my self in the bathroom and I cried..
I was doomed to live in this horrible place, far away from home, and there was nothing I could do about it... So when I got here with no expectations other than to make the best of it, something happened, summer arrived and everything ( I mean everything) turn green right before my eyes! REAL grass and trees everywhere, animals walking down the street, perfect sunsets and wonderful people 
   But the best is the view out side my house


And then there is the lakes...

Beautiful everywhere we go!! 

My house is located in a little village just outside Fort Drum. Just peace and quiet and I am loving it.
 So I learned that there is no need to have a big city to have tons of fun! Just a picnic basket, a cute little family and the right attitude will do it. Home is where ever the army wants us to be and right now home is here in wonderful upstate New York 
Now you are going to ask: What about winter?  I really have no answer to that. I moved to Utah in the middle of October 12 years ago from Colombia and I survived. Went from hot and humid to cold and snow in a matter of hours so I think I will answer that question when time comes.   
Again its all in the attitude...  And think I'm in the right track!! 

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